Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bimini Bound Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Friday) we’ll leave No Name Harbor bound for Bimini. The weather window looks very good with no strong fronts in sight. There should be plenty of boats in No Name waiting to cross. Some probably left today, but we’ll give the Gulf Stream one more day to settle even more.
Kathy is going to hoist me up the mast to change out a deck light and feed a new coaxial cable inside the mast up to the tv antenna. Then we’ll head out of Miami Beach to a marina to fuel and water up, then on to No Name on the south end of Key Biscayne.
Bimini has a newly dredged entrance channel with markers to lead the way in so it should be a very easy introduction to the Bahamas, where markers are few and far between and sometimes missing. Most of the navigation is done by eyeball to stay in deep enough water and avoid coral heads.
Our phone service will go on hold as of Feb 23, but the phones will stop working when we leave the States. We’ll buy Batelco phone cards and use them to call out. E-mail will depend on being near a wifi or from an internet café. We’ll do our best to stay in touch.
Today is a lovely day with few clouds and light wind. We’re excited to finally be on our way!


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