Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jacksonville, Florida

Our laptop died, so we have not been able to access e-mail or update the blog. I'm currently looking for a new laptop. If anyone has any suggestions as to which one to buy, please pass them on.

It is just starting to rain as there is a powerful cold front arriving tonight. I doubled all the dock lines and we put all the extra gear away. The dinghy is cleaned and packed away. We have slip space at the Palm Cove Marina through Thanksgiving since we'll be away from the boat for a while. The marina is very nice, and all the important stores are nearby.

We blazed past Georgia in the Atlantic in beautiful conditions. Smooth seas and light winds (well, we could have used a little more wind) made for easy cruising, and a lot less milage than travelling the ICW. We saw turtles and dolphins, and heard a report of a Right whale, but didn't see it.

3 scuba divers are buying a Cessna 152 and want me to teach them to fly. So if the sale goes through I may have some fun temporary employment and learn to scuba as well!

Rachel is in the middle of her second set of exams, and Kathy and Rachel are working hard to get them finished in time for the holidays.

I just accessed e-mail as of today, so if you have written lately, we got your mail. We appreciate hearing from friends and family, so please stay in touch.
We'll be back on the air on a regular basis once we get a new computer. Till then, all's welll here and we hope the same is true for you all!


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