Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

Today’s the big day! No, not for us, for Payton Manning and the Colts on Superbowl Sunday. Miami is nuts right now with tons of traffic, big name movie stars and sports figures. I’ve tuned up the tv antenna to get the best reception for tonight’s game.

Today is overcast and rainy and it will be blowing from the north for several days, so our next opportunity to cross to Bimini is next Thursday. We’re provisioned and ready, although there are always more things to do so the next few days won’t be idle. They never are. The water here in the bay is very clear and blue. Wonderful to see after so many months of brown water. I’m tempted to don a mask and see what the hull looks like. There is always some barnacle scraping to be done, even though I put on my scuba gear and cleaned the hull before we left Jacksonville.

GW sent us this photo of our anchorage in Miami Beach. We’re just south of the round island in the picture.

There was a huge fireworks display last night about 2 miles away. Kathy and Rachel sat in the cockpit wrapped in a blanket for the show. There is a new battleship in town for the commissioning, so the port is closed while it’s here to prevent another event like the bombing of the Cole.


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