Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cruising with GW

We anchored in Lantana last night just before the rain started. It has also rained most of the day today so we stayed here rather than moving on to Las Olas. This is a protected bight with about 7 other boats seeking protection from the storm. Apparently there is an 18 hour limit before the police charge $30. We don’t know how the police pull their cruiser up to the boat to charge us, nor have we had any visitors. So maybe we’ll get out of here in the morning before that happens. This is a good law though, in that we have trouble getting a decent anchorage with all the derelict boats taking up the prime spots. So in these crowded areas, having a law which keeps the anchorage open to transient cruisers works to our advantage.

We had a wonderful sail from Vero Beach to Jensen Beach with GW Meadows on his recently purchased Irwin 38. He rafted up with us in Vero on the mooring, Kathy fixed shish-k-bob, then we had a pleasant sail the next day. GW can send photos and text to his blog directly from his cell phone, no computer necessary. He took some nice shots which are ready for your viewing pleasure at

Tacky Joe’s restaurant just off our bow has a wifi connection, so I’ll dinghy Whitefoot ashore while the rain has stopped and send this off to the blog.


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