Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Photos from Port Jefferson to Atlantic City, NJ

View from the top of the Port Jefferson dunes. You can see Stardust in the distance. Click on any photo to see the enlarged version.

Kathy, Rachel, and Whitefoot race up the dunes

Another dune shot

10.8kts, speed over ground approaching Hell Gate. We saw 11kts.

New York City

Blurry shot of Atlantic City last night with it blowing 30kts
It rained early this morning, and now it is calm and cloudy with a light mist. But it is supposed to blow 20kts today, so we'll stay put and do laundry. Tomorrow looks good for the 50 mile run to Cape May. Then we'll head north up the Delaware, through the Delaware-Chesapeake Canal, down the Chesapeake, up the Potomic, and into Washington D.C.


Anonymous Dennis said...

I don;t know how much time you've got in DC, but it will never be enough. The Air and Space Museum is an obvious choice, too bad the American History Museum is closed for renovation (you could have spent a couple days there alone), the Jefferson Memorial impressed me more than Lincoln or Washington. There is just too much to see there!

1:43 PM  

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