Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kittery Point, ME

Isle Au Haut Post Office

Kathy raises the main in the fog

On top of the lookout tower on Jewell Island

Entrance to the gun magazine, Jewell Island

Isle Au Haut, Allens Island, Five Islands, and Jewell island are remote places, so we’ve been out of touch with the world for a while, which is not all bad. Our hikes have taken us up Mt. Champlain and Bowditch Mountain on Isle Au Haut and around the small communities on Five Islands, and all over Jewell Island. On Jewell we explored the WWII gun platforms, batteries, and spotting towers along with the beautiful trails. The temp got up to a record 85, so I donned the scuba gear and spent 45 minutes cleaning the hull. It didn’t feel too cold until the last 5 minutes, and then when I got out of the 57 degree water it became apparent just how cold I was. After depleting the hot water supply in the shower, my color came back. Now the boat goes a full knot faster, and every day we sail makes me glad to have accomplished that task.

Sailing wise, the fog has become a regular force to contend with. It’s really not so bad once you get used to it, and the chart plotter and radar make it easy to navigate although the lobster pots still require constant vigilance.

Stardust is back in Kittery Point, ME, with Portsmouth just across the harbor. Tomorrow I will give an “Adventure Talk” to a friend’s high school class. We’re getting errands accomplished and looking at the map to see that we have a looong way to go on the trip south! A couple of cold fronts have gone through, and now it is in the 40’s at night and 60’s during the day. We want to be out of here before the icebergs appear.

We’ll head for Boston in a couple of days.


Anonymous Dennis said...

The last couple of days in S FL have been nasty. WInds NE gusting near 40 and seas 8-12 feet, near 20 feet in the Gulfstream! Plus strong passing showers. A low pressure system is passing south of us into the Gulf of Mexico, it may develop into something once it gets there. But so far our season has been quiet. BUT, remember that Wilma hit during the 4th week of October.

7:01 AM  

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