Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blue Hill

Top of Blue Hill

Rachel and Mariner hiking Blue Hill

Stardust enjoying a calm anchorage

Schooner at Bass Light

We sailed off of the mooring and out Somes Sound on the 13th in light winds making 2kts, but it was beautiful out, so we didn’t mind the slow speed and didn’t want to break the spell by starting the engine. But we had 27 miles to get to Blue Hill, and it would take 16 hours at this speed, so as we passed Southwest Harbor and the wind decreased to nothing, we cranked up the Yanmar and made 7kts to Bass Harbor light where we met up with a chartered schooner. After rounding the light the winds became favorable to sail again for a while. We alternated sail and motor on the way into Blue Hill Harbor, and then picked up a yacht club mooring as guests of Holly and Todd.

The following day started off nice, with calm air and water, leaving Stardust’s mirror image in this protected harbor. We hiked Blue Hill with Holly in the afternoon, but the clouds rolled in, so there wasn’t a view, but the hike was nice. Afterwards we joined Holly and Todd and son Mariner and Todd’s brother’s family for dinner. They have a very nice house out in the country on 36 acres, much of it covered in blueberries. Holly has a huge garden, and gave us a big bag of vegetables, including a pumpkin which Kathy and Rachel turned into 2 pumpkin pies. The 6 kids played tag into the dark.

On Saturday, a cold front brought rain, so we stayed on the boat most of the day. Holly and the gang came out to visit, so the adults talked in the enclosed cockpit while the kids played games below. Then we had a tour of their Island Packet, Indian Summer.

Today was errand day, which was easy with the loan of Holly’s car. We all hiked up Blue Hill again, but the weather was clear and perfect, providing great views of the surrounding woods, lakes, and sounds. Then we had another scrumptious dinner at their house, and took the dinghy back to Stardust in the dark over the smooth water with bright stars above and bioluminescence in the boat wake behind us. It is in the mid-50s so the generator is running to heat the boat before we go to bed. It will get down into the mid-40s tonight.

It has been a great visit with Holly, and a real pleasure to get to know Todd. Rachel had fun with Mariner on the hike, and they played a game of chess before dinner.

We’ll head for Isle Au Haut tomorrow.


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