Saturday, October 06, 2007

Boston, round 2

The trip south brought us through the narrow and shallow Blynman Canal. At high tide it was no problem, but the narrow bridges were somewhat disconcerting. Two nights in Gloucester got us caught up on errands, then on to Boston.

We’ve had a couple of nice sightseeing days on the Freedom Trail in Boston, with a climb up the 300 steps of the Bunker Hill Monument, an onboard tour of The Constitution (Old Ironsides), and sights like the church tower where the two lanterns told Paul Revere of the attack of the British and graveyards with dates from the mid-1600’s on the headstones.

We’ll sail out of Boston this afternoon, heading for the Cape Cod Canal over the next 2 days. The weather has been spectacular, with summer-like temps. That will end soon with a couple of cold fronts coming.


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