Monday, October 29, 2007

Delaware Bay

Nice weather arrived today with less wind so we finally made it out of the Black Hole. Our sail started off well as we cruised south along the Jersey shore. A little sparrow landed on the boat just inches from us, resting after an arduous journey. Perhaps he was blown out to sea in the stormy weather we just had. He stayed with us for half an hour, and then when Kathy tried to feed him some sunflower seeds, he flew away towards shore.

The wind was forecasted to be NW 10-15 but it dropped off to nothing, so we motored the rest of the way to Cape May, rounding the cape, and dropping the hook just offshore in the Delaware next to the canal entrance. With light winds forecasted for tonight, and after having light to no wind during the day, I figured we’d be ok in this exposed position for the night. We want to up anchor at 7:30am to catch favorable currents up the Delaware tomorrow morning which would be difficult from the protected anchorage in Sunset Lake on the other side of the cape. But the wind is piping up now and Stardust is dancing to the rhythm of the seas. Hopefully things will calm down later tonight.

With a good following current, we may be able to do the entire Delaware, and the Delaware-Chesapeake Canal tomorrow, which is about 75 miles.


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