Monday, August 13, 2007

Boston to Gloucester

The air was calm as we left Plymouth, so the trusty Yanmar engine took us 37 miles to Boston through the busy Saturday waters. We saw a new looking sailboat high and dry on a rock reef as we entered The Narrows at low tide, weaving our way into Boston Harbor through the many (30) islands which dot the harbor. High speed ferries shot this way and that, headed for Providence and Salem. Our destination in the harbor was the South Boston Yacht Club, following the directions of our friends Jay and Barb on Jupiter’s Smile, who loaned us their charts of this region.

After anchoring off the shore of the yacht club, I took Whitefoot ashore. Meanwhile, the Commodore of the yacht club, Frank Manning, took the club’s launch out to Stardust, and upon meeting Kathy and Rachel, promptly invited us to use their facilities! We had dinner in their restaurant, and used the dinghy dock to come and go as we pleased.

The next day, Sunday, we walked 2 miles to and from the JFK Presidential Library, and spent 4 hours there. Architecturally, it is a magnificent structure, and inside, the various displays, artifacts, furniture, photos, and films gave us an even greater appreciation for this great president. Kennedy had a love of the sea which was evident in the Oval Office by photos and models of sailing vessels, and his desk made from timbers of the Resolute.

Today we motored out of Boston Harbor in windless conditions (again), headed for Gloucester. Distant storm cells drifted our way, so we put up the cockpit enclosure just before a wall of rain and intense 58kt winds pummeled us for 10 minutes. The worst part was the lightening. But we made it through unscathed, and entered the beautiful Gloucester Harbor. Our anchorage here is a tight one, as usual, amid the mooring balls, but there are a few other boats anchored here as well.

Tomorrow we’ll round Cape Ann bound for Portsmouth to meet up with Nelson and Julia Howe.


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