Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chris Downgraded

TP Chris has become disorganized, and the track is now through northern Cuba. Probably wants to pay it's respects to dear old Castro.

We are now a day's sail from great anchorages in Miami, and therefore may spend a day on the reef before heading on.

We anchored off the west side of Tavernier Key, just west of Key Largo. An old storm cell brushed us in the night. A few raindrops fell, no lightning, but still caused us to get up at 3am and close hatches and bring Whitefoot down below for the rest of the night.

This morning, skies are cloudy. We'll have to look for a sunny area for swimming to help with the visibility. Yesterday we had fantastic sailing conditions with beautiful water. We could see the reef passing below us at a depth of around 20 feet.


Blogger Laura said...

Hope you celebrated your birthday in a big way where ever you are! We thought about you and wondered what activities were filling your day. We love you Uncle Jim ! Keep on truckin'. ...or sailin'and a fishin' and a swimmin!
Chat and Carter

10:28 AM  

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