Tuesday, August 01, 2006


We anchored off the Boot Key entrance to the harbor for the night. The next day, the genset ran for 5 minutes, then shut down. It’s fully automatic. If it overheats, or oil pressure is too low, or any other major problem, it shuts down. Well, we just replaced the impeller in Key West. Mike from Paradise Marine did the work with me looking over his shoulder. He beat the new impeller in with a hammer, and didn’t grease it either. Now I know both to be major blunders. So the new impeller burned up. We moved to Marathon Marina to be close to mechanics and other services, and to give Kathy and Rachel easy access to town. Jimmy Pierce with Marathon Marine helped me get out the impeller and install a new one the right way. Now I know the right and wrong ways to install a generator raw water impeller.

Kathy and Rachel visited the Turtle Hospital where they rehabilitate injured and sick turtles. They had a fantastic time, and Rachel “adopted” a sick turtle. You can check out her turtle “April” at http://www.theturtlehospital.org/

So we’re set to depart in the morning for Washerwoman Reef. Snorkel, spearfish, that kind of thing. You know, Knarly Sailor Man Provides Food For Family, and all that. All three of us are looking forward to more fantastic sights on the reef.

Dad says a tropical storm is heading our way, so I’d better post this and then find out the latest. Will we run for it, or stay put? Tune in next time for the latest edition of As the Boat Rocks.


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Looks like you are enjoying yourself. Jason is doing great so far . He has Mrs. Bidwell this year.
Mrs. Imeidopf

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