Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Closing Day/28th Anniversary Day!

Well, we signed the papers and she’s ours! The closing process was quick with no surprises. The radar/chartplotter is still not fixed, and the depth meter doesn’t work either. We wanted to sail a victory lap around Tampa Bay, but since we don’t know the water, and don’t have a depth meter, we decided to look into nooks and crannies on the boat, do some cleaning, and just sit and stare at our new boat. Then we picked up Rachel and had a celebratory dinner at Outback. Lobster! Last night, we watched Rachel and her friend Erin receive awards for honor roll grades (maintaining a 3.5 gpa or better). Then we ate out again (with Erin and her parents Bob and Whitney Kreiling) on Kathy and my 28th wedding anniversary.


Blogger erin said...

Dear Rachel,Mrs.Lee,and Mr.Lee,
Thanks for including my parents and me in your blog. We feel very honored.(ha ha) Have a great time.
Best of luck,

8:43 AM  

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