Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still on the boat

Stardust is tied up to the dock at the Telemar Marina in Indian Harbor beach, across the Eau Gallie causeway from Melbourne. It is a quiet spot, and we are enjoying it here. A house offers more room, and more amenities, but Stardust offers the views, and the serenity of living on the water.

Jim Zeiset and I took a flight recently in the Lambada. He wanted to see it's high altitude capability, so we climbed to 13,000 feet easy as could be. When we turned on the XM radio the Byrds were playing "I can see for miles and miles and miles."
I will deliver a customer's Lambada to Guadaljara, Mexico next week. Kathy and Rachel will fly down to meet me, and we'll have 4 days to see the area together with our wonderful host, Jorge, and his wife Bonnie.
Rachel and I will fly to Boca Raton tomorrow to film a TV show on the Lambada. Rachel has received about 7 hours of flight instruction in the plane with me, and is almost ready for take-offs and landings.