Monday, February 25, 2008

Back in Melbourne

Photo taken by Bruce Moore from a Piper Lance for EAA Magazine
Flying over Crystal River, FL on the Gulf coast, heading back to Melbourne from New Mexico

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Panama City

The trip to Albuquerque went well except for getting sick during the convention. The flight out was in great weather, although I had to fly low (500 to 1000 feet above ground level) to stay out of the upper level headwinds. We flew 1400 miles in 16 hours to average 87kts against the wind. Much better than sailboat speeds!
Once again, pilots showed interest in the Lambada. Jorge from Mexico showed up to purchase a Stemme S10 motorglider, but when he flew in the Lambada (twice!) he decided to go with it instead. So we have sold our first 3 planes, leaving only our demo until more arrive.
I flew with Mark Mocho, the local Albuquerque hotshot and old hanggliding friend. He showed me the San Pedro wave, which we took to 15,000 feet without the engine running. We had a very cool 2 hour flight together.
I saw many old friends at the convention, and saw all the latest gliders and equipment. Knut and Ingrid from Seminole Lake Gliderport were there with news that the gliderport has been sold to a Romanian couple.
I visited a few airports on the return trip home, showing the Lambada to interested parties along the way. Yesterday I flew from a private strip to Ft. Worth for my last stop, and then on to Panama City nonstop, arriving at 4:30pm. With a good tailwind, the average speed was 125kts for 6 hours with plenty of fuel remaining.
It's raining out, and I'll stay put with Mom and Dad until the weather clears in a day or so.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Two Lambadas Sold

Joe and I have sold two planes, with about 4 pilots sitting on the fence thinking about it. I will fly our demo plane to the SSA Convention in Albuquerque, leaving this Saturday. Kathy and Rachel will hold down the boat while I'm gone. Things are good!