Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Hampton, VA

Our trip down the Potomac to Hampton VA with Barb and Jay on Jupiter’s Smile took us two days of motoring in smooth water. The Chesapeake Bay got stirred up by 20kt winds from the north, allowing us to sail the final 55 miles with following 3-4 foot waves. Since the winds were straight downwind we gibed 4 times to run slightly off the wind with the jib and main up to average 6.5kts for the day. Jay ran more downwind with his new spinnaker pole, and he and Barb enjoyed a flotilla of 40 dolphin for over an hour. Meanwhile, we were visited by a finch which flew into the cockpit through an open window, and settled on Kathy’s outstretched finger.

We had an early Thanksgiving dinner yesterday with Pat and Jim from Shamrock, our friends from the Bahamas. The meal was wonderful, and afterwards we walked off some of the calories on the nearby beach.

Today we will motor south in the ICW with Jupiter’s Smile, bound for Kitty Hawk, NC.
We wish everyone a healthy, happy, safe Thanksgiving. We'll watch out for traffic on the water and you do the same on the roads!


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