Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New London, CT

The Nautilus submarine sits across the Thames River from our current anchorage at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. The rain yesterday prevented us from using the dinghy to cross the river and see the first nuclear powered sub, but today is beautiful so we’ll head over to a public boat ramp and then get a taxi to the sub museum and take a tour inside the Nautilus.

The Coast Guard cadets are sailing around the river in small 4 man sailboats, accompainied by roving inflatable boats to help them if they get in trouble. But winds are light and the sailing is pretty benign. Yesterday, however, the rain and gusty winds repeatedly knocked down the 2 man sailboats they were practicing in. There were about 40 boats and we watched about 12 knockdowns. It was a good show from the comfort of our fully enclosed cockpit.

Last Saturday we sailed across Long Island Sound from Port Jefferson to Clinton, CT. We had a nice anchorage behind the breakwater extending out from both sides of Duck Island. The next morning we sailed for New London, and followed our friend Jay’s directions to this anchorage at the Coast Guard Academy. It’s a nice quiet spot interrupted by distant bugle and drum marching practice, revilie in the morning and taps at sunset. We try to get Rachel to blow her conch in answer to the bugle at sunset but she thinks she’ll get in trouble.

Our next stop will be Mystic tomorrow where we’ll spend a couple of days, and then Newport, Rhode Island after that.


Anonymous Dennis said...

Have Rachel look through Chapman's and find an appropriate signal to sound. It would highlight her nautical prowess!

6:58 PM  

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