Saturday, May 26, 2007

Leave for Beaufort on Monday

The delta anchor will come up in 30 minutes, and we’ll head for Spanish Cay to get water, then Carter’s Cay for the next 2 nights to stage for our crossing up to Beaufort, North Carolina. Second Wave will be our buddy boat, and since this is the first decent weather window in a month there will probably be many others crossing with us too. We plan to depart Carter’s Cay on Monday morning and head north. It should take approximately 3 days, which will put us into Beaufort on Thursday. We’ll make some phone calls to Jim Sr. and Brud when we get to the States, with more calls forthcoming. We’re all psyched up, especially Kathy who has been yahooing all morning. Kinda indicates we’ve been in the islands long enough for now and ready for new terrain. Not to mention the type of shopping which can only be had in the States! Rachel’s birthday is coming up, and she has outgrown most of her clothes, so we need those Gap stores, etc.

Two nights ago we had a big potluck dinner on shore with 10 other boats and the two resident families on shore who have been such great hosts. Matthew and I provided 13 snapper from our recent spearfishing jaunts. We also had chunks of coconuts from the trees ashore. Everyone brought great dishes and we ate too much. Then the mosquitoes chased us all back to the safety of our boats which aren’t affected by bugs.

Yesterday we snorkeled with Second Wave and Trisha and her two kids from the house on shore. We visited 3 wrecks, saw tons of fish and even a Hawksbill turtle up close hiding in the wreck. After giving us a few minutes of viewing pleasure he slowly rose up out of the wreck and sped off to open water. Rachel and Chris kept up for a few seconds before he gracefully departed the area.

Trisha just called on the radio from shore, and wants us to stick around for a few more minutes so she can run a fresh made coconut crème pie out to us. Did I mention gracious hosts? Her husband Bob provided Matthew and me with some great tips on spearfishing and filleting our catch.

There won’t be any wifi connections as we move north the next 2 days, so this is our last blog entry before arriving in the States. The weather looks great, and we’re very excited at the prospect of being back “home” again!


Blogger Kari Bear said...

When yo com bring fish, rain & more stories full of color. Here it's fishless, dry & smokey-gloom.

Though Mike did catch 5 pompano last month - but they've been et.

Safe journey - miss you - can't wait to natter.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your departure timing was excellent. The low pressure in the western Carib will be moving over the FL peninsula this weekend, bringing 25-30 knot winds and associated heavy seas. From the looks of the NOAA info, you should have had good steady wind (SSE 5-10 knots)for your crossing with 4-5 ft. seas. How close was the sea state/wind depiction?

1:46 PM  

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