Monday, April 30, 2007

Marsh Harbor, Abaco

We're anchored in the lovely harbor of Marsh Harbor. The grocery store and laundry are a short dinghy ride away. Several of our friends are here as well, including Shamrock, with a slip space among the Moorings charter catamarans. They were given a pile of goodies from one charter group who had left over food and drinks. So we scored! After splitting up the goods, we got together at Curlytails (named after the local lizards with a curly tail) for drinks and laughs.

We'll be here for at least a few days before heading to the nearby islands. Each island is close to it's neighbor with only 1 outside passage necessary so this will be comfortable cruising. We plan on swimming on the nearby Mermaid's Reef this afternoon. A mild cold front came through last night so temperatures are very comfortable, probably 70 at night and 80 during the day.

Two turtles hang out around our boat, and we love watching them surface near us all day long.


Blogger Laura said...

Yes, you probably have saved the best for last. what a hoot that you were given the Moorings boaters' left overs! I too, checked some airline prices from ATL and up and down the east coast. Too much for us! Photos, please!!!!
Us city folks are off to the Braves game. The boys start swim team practice next week. John is going to the Roger Waters concert (Pink Floyd)soon. love you!

4:39 AM  
Blogger Judith said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary from Norway!

9:45 AM  

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