Monday, April 23, 2007

Spanish Wells

Our armada of 4 boats left the cozy anchorage in Royal Island bound for Spanish Wells. We’re here to get fuel and water before heading to the Abacos. It was tricky and shallow getting in here, but we let the 2 catamarans with a 3 foot draft and Jupiter’s Smile with a 5 foot draft go first and report on depths. Kathy, Rachel and I are in a restaurant waiting for Jay and Barb to arrive for lunch. The internet café will open soon across the street so I’ll be able to post this after lunch.

Spanish Wells is a well kept little town with all the amenities. Small colored houses of every color, mixed with a few large homes make up the neat neighborhoods. We’ll walk around some more after lunch and get to know it better.

The sail from Rock Sound to Hatchet bay was very nice with 15-20kt winds on the beam. Hatchet Bay has poor holding and limited moorings so we shared a mooring with Jupiter’s Smile. Shamrock rafted up with another boat as well. It was very comfortable, but the town leaves a little to be desired so we left the next morning, bound for Current Cut and Royal Island. The Cut was very narrow with a 2kt current against us but the wind didn’t create any problems getting through. The wind was 20-25kts and we heeled pretty hard and made 7 to 8 kts but we were all comfy. After the Cut, winds increased so we made the last 5 miles with a reefed main. The boat performed well compared to the other boats we were with.

We’ll go back to Royal Island this afternoon, possibly spearfish tomorrow, and then sail to Little Harbor, Abaco on Wednesday.


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