Monday, April 09, 2007

End of a fantastic visit

Joe and family will be leaving us today to fly home to Melbourne. We’ve had a wonderful time together with lots of swimming and spearfishing. Joe and I shot enough grouper and snapper for 2 dinners and could have provided dinner every night if we had spearfished everyday. I saw 5 reef sharks one day and are getting used to them now. They show a little curiosity at first and then swim away.

We organized an Easter egg hunt yesterday on Vollyball Beach and had about 20 kids running around wild finding eggs, candy and toys. It was great fun.

Rachel’s school books arrived in the mail, so we’ll probably leave George Town in the next day or so.


Blogger CJ said...

Hey there. I got your blog through your cousin Brad. I've been cruising through the Indian Ocean for the last few months, and he thought it funny that both our blogs contain a disproportionate amount of content regarding boat repars. Check out if you're interested in the exotic places where we have repaired our boat.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone receives an invitation to come visit Stardust from Jim and Kathy, jump on it! We had a wonderfull time. Jim, Kathy, Rachel and Whitefoot are the greatest hosts we have ever encountered. Thanks for showing us another way of life! Joe and Georgia Bostik

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god. That little boy is a carbon copy of Joe!

10:22 AM  
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