Friday, September 01, 2006


As expected, Stardust sat quietly at her anchorage. A few things had moved about below deck, indicating that there was a little rock and roll, but she looked better than when we left, due to a freshwater shower.
Then we had a full day putting everything back. The jib halyard is chafed where it goes over the mast-top pulley, so I ordered a new one, which will be in on Wednesday.
A molar is giving me trouble, so a dentist visit is scheduled for next Tuesday.
We’re going to visit the Canaveral Yacht Club on Saturday, as they have races scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. There will be a lobster dinner Saturday eve, and the Bostiks will be there as well. I may find a spot on a race boat Sunday. Kathy and Rachel will meet the Kreilings on Sunday for some beach action.
So we’ll be in the area for at least another week. The Melbourne-Cocoa-Cape Canaveral area is very nice, and there is much to do.


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